Outdoor Furniture

A garden should be a source of calm and happiness. With Hespéride® products we guarantee quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Hespéride® meets all your garden furniture needs: garden furniture, tables, chairs, dinning room, umbrellas, gazebos, deck chairs, hammocks. Hespéride® offers you comfortable, practical, easy to maintain, high quality and durable garden furniture.


Everything you need to water and maintain your garden.

Proper watering is essential to ensure that plants and lawns remain green and healthy. Gardena has everything that is needed to provide the garden with the required irrigation supply.

The bushes and trees have their own personality, character and appearance. They have to fit into the plans for the design of the garden. Prunning, trimming and the sawing are an important part of it’s development.

Safe and quality tools.

Both DIYers and construction professionals are looking for quality tools. Tools that are made of durable materials that can adapt to most situations, that are easy to handle, expert or not, and that have a certain comfort for better use. In this sense, Bosch tools are a safe bet for any of the cases.


A place to be comfortable, to relax and enjoy. That is how your home should be. It’s where you spend a larg part of your free time, where you rest after a tiring day at work. A correct use of indoor lighting in your rooms contributes greatly to this. That is why it is very important to creat a beautiful atmosphere in each one of them. Light colors and white tones aren’t the only wat to design: combining various materials and shapes of indoor lamps also allow you to configure different light effects. In EGLO you can choose between a wide variety of indoor lights, to adapt to any furniture style.

New Porcelanosa Kitchens Showroom

Gamadecor kitchens are quality kitchens that perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality. They are the perfect equation, original combinations that manage to capture the latest trends creating a harmonious environment, they manage to combine practical resources and functionality.

Do you need to renew your appliances?

Is it time to change your washing machine or your refrigerator? When this time comes the main thing is to always look for the best quality and choose the models that best suits your needs. If you have doubts about which one to choose, this is the appropiate space to solve them. We invite you to see the newest appliances so that your choice is perfect.


When cooking, the food comes in direct contact with the pots and pans. This means that if the kitchenware is not of quality, in addition to being able to spoil the recipe that we are preparing, it can be harmful to our health. For example, if it cointains chemicals or unsuitable materials. That is why we select the best brands that guarantee that all their products. In addition, they comply with the most demanding regulations and don’t use toxic materials for the manufacture of cooking utensils.


Are you looking to give you home a new look with the arrival of a new season? Are you bored that the decoration of yor home is always the same? It’s very easy to renew some accessories to adapt them to each season, there are a series of aspects that you can quickly modify, such as tones of the textiles or decorative objects, the thickness of the fabrics, the aromas or the plants.

In the Mahón store you can find the full range of products.

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