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Our History

The foundation of our company

Avi Toni, Apalliser

The Palliser Pons family known by the nickname “Talis” at the end of the XIX century set up a pottery near the Alaior cemetery where Camí d’en Kane passed. At that time the construction was nourished by ceramic materials for floors and roofs, so the production of pottery was focused on those products to supply the local market.

Antonio Palliser Pons, one of the sons of the familiy, familiar with the construction project for the new Mahón-Ciutadella road, thought it would be a good investment to build a pottery next to said road, as it passed through Alaior, for which he acquired some land and he moved the pottery from Camí d’en Kane, known as “Sa Taulera de can Talis”.


One of the sons of Antonio Palliser Pons, José Palliser known as “Bep Talís”, aware of the boom in the cement construction market and the production of the hydraulic tiles or mosaic, put the company’s efforts on track to this new market.

In 1978 José Palliser considered that the time had come to leave the business managment in the hands of his sons, Antonio and Juan . Thus the family business was divided in two. The eldest son, Antonio Palliser Bagur, would take charge of the commercial section and the facilities that he owned in the commercial dock of Mahón and in what would be the future Industrial Estate of the city. The youngest son, Juan, was in charge of the Alaior facilities.

Baldosas hidráulicas, Apalliser

Our History as Apalliser

Avi Toni, Apalliser

As of 1978, therefore, the company led by Antonio Palliser began to operate, which carried out a profound transformation. Apalliser began to build and set up all its commercial activities on the site of the Industrial Estate, modernizing and updating itself as required by the upward march of construction in Menorca.


1979 The first exhibition was inaugurated and was mounted with all the environments and products for constructin and home that existed on the market at that time.

  • 1988 Exhibition extension in Mahón
  • 1991 DIY stire expansion in Mahón
  • 2000 Transfer Alaior store from Cervantes to Plan de sa Sínia
  • 2005 New store in Mercadal
  • 2010 New plumbing store in Capifort
  • 2018 New store in Ferreríes
  • 2019 New store in Sant Lluís


Message from Antonio Palliser

More than 42 years have passed since the inauguration of the first exhibition of construction materials and, since then, we have focused on offering the best to our customers. We have expanded our facilities and sales points as part of a constant Apalliser renewal process.


Our challenge is to advance in the market, always offer the latest news and trends and, for this, we have the best suppliers: the best national and international firms in the sector.


In Apalliser we trust above all in our team of professionals who, with their effort and dedication, have contributed to making the company a reality and enjoying the loyalty of our customers. New technologies, in addition, have allowed us to become more efficient and to improve our service.

Our team

Carlos Palliser

Carlos Palliser


“We are a living company that isn’t afraid of changes, but on the contrary, it assumes them and drives them from a leader positionr in the market”.

Son of Antonio Palliser, he has learned the business from a very young age, and has conscientiously prepared himself to assume from the highest responsibilities the challenges that the company will have to face in the future.

Pedro Hermoso

Pedro Hermoso


“To gain the trust of the customers there must be trust in the human team itself. Here we all are trustworthy people.”

He knows the sector and all the activities of the company at all levels, as it has been done and has grown with Apalliser since it’s incorporation nearly four decades ago. Added to all this is a heightened sense of prudence and responsability.

Pepa Orfila Sintes

Elena Rosés


“An efficient and well-organized administration is one of the keys to business success”

From the responsability of her function, she always gives a strong sense of organization and efficiency to her tasks. Her perfectionist character and her interest for the new technologies reinforce her high degree of professionalism.

Francisco Salord

Francisco Salord


“Our goal is summed up in being able to offer a good customer care and service. For this reason, we spare no resources when it comes to helping you.”

Our values

Tradition and modernity

We have grown inside to become the center of construction and home in Menorca.

Based on this solid reality, we face the future with the same enthusiasm that made us move forward in our beginnings, with an eye toward maintaining our values.

Customer service

The first obligation that those of us who work at Apalliser impose on ourselves is customer care and service.


We aspire to be worthy of customer trust.

Enthusiasm and commitment

Because we like to work, we enjoy doing it well and we give ourselves to it.

Awork team within a great family

These are our hallmarks. Its what we have always been and its what we want to be.


Because supporting colleagues, feeling support, and knowing that you can count on them gives us a lot of strength.

Honesty and professional ethics

We want all our activities to meet the highest demands of these two values.

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