Lorenzo Mascaró. Materiales de construcción, bricolaje, pinturas, fontanería en Maó

Head of Household

Lorenzo Mascaró

An specialist of all market trends in hardware and DIY, he moves to help the client in this world – a market in a state of boom and in constant change.

Household and DIY

The undeniable service vocation, customer care and dedication of the company to offer quality products explains the constant process of change that exists in the different sections of the Mahón sales centre. With more products and services, the DIY section is presented to the customer as completely renewed.

In the lower part of the establishment there are hand and electric tools for both professionals and individuals; Cleaning products; Professional and sports clothing etc. As well as all elements indispensable for fulfilling occupational safety and health guidelines, from Locks, Cordage and Screws to security boxes. There is an electricity section with Light generators and wooden slats, having a new on the spot custom cut wood service. With the arrival of hot weather the best option is to resort to Apallisers DIY section to prepare everything necessary for the summer, curtains to protect from the sun, and barbecues to enjoy meals and dinners outdoors. We also offer a nautical section while continuing to expand our offering in nautical leisure, camping articles and, above all, our range of all kinds of textile articles to dress up the different rooms of your home. In addition to a range of arrangement items, there are those for decoration and travel. Fans of the DIY world also have all the necessary materials to decorate and customize their furniture according to their own tastes.

On the first floor of the company’s sales centre in Mahón there is an extensive range of white appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, kitchens, ovens and microwaves, PAE, kitchenware, as well as interior and exterior lighting.

There is plenty to choose from amongst main brand collections on the market such as Siemens, Bosch, Balay, Edesa, Indesit, Miele, Smeg, AEG, Electrolux, Cata and Mepamsa, and they offer products manufactured from a new environmental philosophy to achieve maximum energy efficiency while also consuming less water.

For small household appliances, the variety is even greater. Coffee machines, fans or heaters in the most avant-garde designs as well as materials and items such as irons or vacuum cleaners designed to make the most of household tasks. This section provides free home delivery and assembly services as well as removal of old appliances.

On the same floor the image and sound section is located, where you will find a wide range of Televisions and sound equipment, as well as their accessories. This section is always kept up-to-date with the latest developments on the market.



We are always aware, At Apalliser, of the discource around trends in decoration and homeware so as to offer the latest and newest things on the market. Bathtubs, shower trays and sanitary in general, which present our brand Roca Sanitarios, are known world-wide having an extensive assortment of products and finishes in its sanitary porcelain collections.

Equally attractive and functional are the faucet designs and the mixer taps whose technology contributes to saving water and improves the efficiency of the facilities. To give a final touch to the bathroom, you will find a wide selection of furniture, accessories and fittings with a variety of styles and designs.

Indeed, everything is at your fingertips regarding pavements and ceramic tiles. Apalliser are distributors of the main and most recognized brands on the market such as Porcelanosa, Venis, Marazzi, C.Foix, Azuliber, Mainzu, Natucer, Vives, Gresan, etc. and have a spacious and recently renovated exhibition centre. This enables you to choose in full comfort the floor coverings and tiles that will dress or decorate your home. Along with ceramics and stoneware, there is the latest generation in porcelain material products with natural stone, high strength and easy cleaning aesthetics. The combinations for decorating are endless once the pavements and coatings are chosen. The main manufacturers in this sector nourish the market with embroidery, wall borders, sockets or even special pieces for shelves. Trims and kitchen countertops to turn every room of your house into a unique and unrepeatable space are also on offer.

Style and decoration has now taken over kitchens and bathrooms. Classic bathrooms have been reinvented and refined along traditional lines while materials such as steel are gaining ground in both areas. The latest development is the self-service section where the customer has a wide range of fixtures and accessories to dress up and decorate his or her bathroom to the latest styles and trends.   This has been expanded with a whole section of furniture kit in melanin and natural pine wood, for the various rooms and bedrooms of your home, as well as sofas and a large assortment of fireplaces and stoves.

In addition everything you need for terrace and garden, outdoor furniture in resin and wood, sun loungers, hammocks, umbrellas and barbecues can be found.

Comparing and choosing at Apalliser stores becomes easier every day.

We have recently expanded with a large exhibition of Interior Doors andParquet Faus flooring covering a wide range of models and colours. Moreover, wallpaper for the decoration of interior walls to the latest trends on the market is available as well.


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Daniel Sintes, Materiales de construcción y hogar en Maó

Responsible Patio solutions

Daniel Sintes

Knowledgeable about the trade, he is fully devoted to conveying the importance of operating with security guarantees.

Building Materials

POIMA sales centre has a spacious outdoor area. “Es Pati” is undoubtedly one of Apalliser’s nerve centers where daily loading and unloading operations of all types of materials with sufficient space for comfortable maneuverability of trailers, trucks and vans are carried out on a daily basis.

At the perimeter of this courtyard arid for construction, cements, monolayers, beams, tiles, boques, prefabricated concrete and etcetera is stored.

In addition to the daily traffic of commercial vehicles is added the coming and going of professionals who can find all the basic materials for construction at Apalliser.

“Es Pati” is also the gateway for professionals to all sections and an access point to the DIY and Household store(s).


Plaster, Insulation and Wood

Plaster and floor insulation, in general, using the most innovative materials on the market contribute to creating comfort and well-being in the home.

A team of experts offers timely advice on insulation and on the remaining products that make up this professional section, such as gypsum, plaster, plates, moldings and IBERPLACO drywall PYL. Assistance with further accessories and tools for placement and perfect finishing, both for new as with refurbishment and rehabilitation works is given.

When it comes to waterproofing, there are materials representing a novelty in Menorca, such as polyethylene film (OXIGEN-Biber BD20 -BD40), which acts as a joint in ceramic flooring without the need to add a layer of concrete in order to waterproof terraces and swimming pools. The weather and noise will no longer be a problem with our new solutions offered through items such as Aluface, Celenit or Concrete-termite foams.

In this section you will find everything you need in respect of pipes, drains, grilles and “Benito” sewer tops/covers. As a novelty we have incorporated a wood section where you will find a wide range of Boards, Beams, and Listonaje as well as a full range of models and colours of parquet FAUS.


Francisco de Haro, Materiales de construcción y hogar en Maó

Responsible use of paintings and construction tools

Francisco de Haro

Knowledgeable about the trade, he is fully devoted to conveying the importance of operating with security guarantees.

Paints and chemical products

The Apalliser paints section has everything you need to achieve an optimum finish for your home. The offer comprises paintings for interior and exterior spaces, with either a satin or matte finish. A service to attain the paint colour that the client chooses through instant-metric systems is also included. In addition to the raw materials, the professionals in this sector can acquire all the necessary tools: brushes, rollers, buckets, abrasive paper, extension bars, solvents and tape for cuttings as well as other auxiliary construction material like professional machinery, grids, membranes, skylights, Glass tiles and profiling.

A second part of this section is the chemical products for construction one, whereby demand among customers has forced Apalliser to increase its offer via two leading firms in the sector: Sika and Mapei. These firms have all kinds of systems and specific construction solutions in fields such as repair and protection of concrete: sealing of joints; structural waterproofing;  gluing of different construction elements. They further provide supplies for the placement of pavements and ceramic coverings, the realization of soleras, adhesive protection treatments and anchors and fillings as well as all kinds of mortar.

Insulating and decorating at the same time is also possible thanks to new polyurethane panels for coating any surface with a wide range of finishes imitating brick or natural stone walls.  This material also allows for easy, clean and quick placement.


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Lluc Subirats, Materiales de construcción y hogar en Maó

Person in charge of plumbing and professional electricity

Lluc Subirats

His experience and technical expertise enables him to offer expert advice from one professional to another.

Plumbing and Electricity

At Apalliser we have all the materials and tools necessary to carry out plumbing installations, air conditioning, heating and maintenance of facilities in general. The section offers solar energy, thermos, heaters, boilers, stoves, large and small pellet boilers, air conditioning equipment, a wide range of pipes, insulation, sanitary ware, gyro and accessories. We also offer such electrical equipment as security mechanisms, guards, distribution boxes and splices, lighting, etc.

For water treatment we have a wide range of softeners and use osmosis to cover the needs of single family homes, blocks of houses and industrial buildings and we have our own technical service.

Additionally, we offer advice on heating projects, air conditioning and ACS installations, applying energy saving solutions such as high efficiency heat pumps, solar energy or biomass adjusting our quote to your needs.


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